VALDECIA was born in 1997 when Claudio Gelpi, an experienced construction painter and decorator, has launched onto the market a personal product line. The company was assessing the market needs and offering practical solutions. Its first steps were driven by passion and determination.


- 2007 Realization of Decia Paint Color System. This is an innovative mixing system with spectrophotometer, crucial for color creation and replication, it strongly speeds up the production system in a resilient way. The operations department was improving also the water paints and the powder products thanks to a renewed production line and introduction of important robotic elements.

- 2011 Facility expansion. The market growth of Valdecia products required an automated storage facility and an improved logistics network system.
- 2014 Renewed design. Valdecia moves to a widespread distribution because of the factory reorganization and the opening of new branch line.


Today the company is organized in small teams, each person has an unique set of competences and a particular focus.
The key features of Valdecia trade policy are: eco-friendly products&production and solid partner relationships.

- 2017 Certification ISO 9001:2015
Seal of Excellence for our Deciacover
Patent Deciacover

- 2019 Expansion of the Deciacamp product range and creation of Deciacamp Line, the first Valdecia line marking machine.



We ensure a direct assistance and smart delivery. Our production system is able to manage specific customer requests, and we constantly adapt to them.We love challenges, solving problems and pushing the boundaries for addressing specific issues..


We are on the cutting-edge for coating and painting systems, thanks to ongoing collaboration with Italian leading research centers, such as University of Padua and the Polytechnic of Milan. In this way we can test and control the application of innovative solutions.


Valdecia’s ecological assessments ensure product safety and process sustainability. During this phase it cuts potential wastes and polluting elements. Our production and logistic system are projected and monitored in order to reduce inefficient operations, in line with cost-reduction policy and making eco-friendly solutions an affordable option.